alan sky dive

Alan's Sky Dive

By admin, May 29, 2013

alan sky dive
In November we raised money for a sponsored sky dive – thanks again to all those people that sponsored us! We went mob handed, waking up at 4am to get there for 7am. We waited and waited to be told after 5 hours or so that due to weather conditions, no jumps were going to be done that day. Pissed off, cold and hungry we went home.

A few months after this, we made the journey again.. another 4am started to the North London Sky Dive Centre which actually isn’t in London let alone North London. It’s north of Cambridge. Learning the lessons from last time, we looked at the weather report prior to setting out.. we were both excited an anxious at the same time. However, once again, it was called off due to the rapid change in weather. Another 5 or so hours wasted and we were even more pissed off and hungry (but not so cold).

So third time lucky, we went up over the Bank Holiday weekend (May 2013). This time we actually drove up on Friday and stayed overnight at a lovely hotel.. shame we didn’t get to enjoy it as we arrived at around 11pm and went straight to bed. We got up around 6am to get to the sky dive centre.. Metok had said that it was 15 mins away from the centre which was totally wrong, it was an hour away! On arriving we were told that we hadn’t actually phoned ahead to tell them that we were coming and that they weren’t able to accomodate us! Our blood started to boil and the guy must have sensed it so he quickly said that if people cancel we could jump. Luckily, two people did cancel and we claim our slots in the queue.. positions 49 and 50! We still waited for 7 hours before we were able to jump!!

It was a fantastic experience I must say… I would really like to do it again but the waiting around is enough to do my head in! Anyway, enjoy the video and thanks again to our sponsors!

Metok’s video hasn’t arrived yet but it’ll be online when it does!


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