Bootcamp Exercise in Wapping – Timelapse Video

By admin, June 1, 2013


Every Saturday we do an exercise class.. it’s a bootcamp class at 9.30am in Wapping, London. I thought it would be fun to make a timelapse video on all the things we get up to so we turned up this morning with my tripod and iPhone.

I really like the panning effect on timelapse so I used my Veho X-Lapse Pro again.. the only thing about using this is that it didn’t have too far to pan to which then meant that the shot was out of the picture and you can see that I had to keep moving it back into the frame.

The timelapse settings were 1 shot per second which I think after watching the footage should have been perhaps 2 per second so you can see a bit more as to what we’re doing. Nevermind! It was still a fun video to make.

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