Videos of Go Car in Barcelona – May 2010

Videos of Go Car in Barcelona – May 2010

By admin, July 29, 2010

I’ve been going back and finding all my footage that I should have uploaded onto the site. Anyway, here we are:

This video was taken just outside the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona – Metok had a sore bum (the seats are hard plastic and can be quite uncomfortable) and wanted a rest. I saw this as an opportunity to scoot up and down the road with Metok standing by the road to take some videos. You can see that I’m gone for a little longer than Metok expects so she starts to wander up the road to look for me.. you can hear the noisy engine of the Go Car before you actually see the bright orange vehicle

This video is just us going up the hill past the Funicular in Barcelona. It’s great having the wind ruffle your hair! You can hear the GPS guide telling us about where we are and where we are going!

The final video is of us approaching the Monastery of Pedralbes (Monestir de Pedralbes).. home to the nuns of Saint Clare. It’s actually a museum but we didn’t go inside. Once again our GPS guide tells us where to turn and explains our surroundings!

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