Applied Kinesiology – A Skeptics View

By admin, March 9, 2012

For those people who know me, they know that I’m a complete skeptic to things which can’t be explained by traditional science. I don’ t believe in the paranormal, I don’t believe in ghosts, I don’t believe mediums are really able to communicate with spirits etc. When Metok told me about this kinesiology that she had saw and what had happened, I didn’t believe her. She said that when the kinesiologist put something on her body which she was sensitive to, her arm went weak. I told her that she had weak upper body strength anyway so I didn’t believe that it was possible for her arm to ever be strong.

Anyway, she just went ahead and book an appointment for myself and Jigme (Metok’s brother) so we could experience it first hand for ourselves. The first ‘trick’ (if I can call it that) was the arm weakness thing. He said that he could make your arm weak by disturbing the natural electrical field around your body. Lying horizontal, you had your arm in the air and he would pull your hand down to your side and you had to resist. The video below is of this exact thing happening to Jigme.. when the kinesiologist disturbed the electrical field for the arm muscle, Jigme’s hand did go head and his hand fell easily.

At this point, I must admit that I thought perhaps Jigme was in on it too… I had to wait my turn to really see if this was true. Anyway, before I had my go, he went through a whole series of tests with Jigme..  he was able to correctly identify where Jigme had broken a bone when he was a child, he detected emotionally what Jigme was storing inside of him and also identified what foods he was intolerant to. For each test, and I’ll use the food intolerance tests as an example as it’s easier to explain, he would put vials of the essence of the food item on your body and if your body showed weakness to it, the kinesiologist was able to pull your hand down easily.. if you were ok with the food, he couldn’t move your arm.

Anyway, after spending around an hour with Jigme, it was finally my turn. First up, the weak arm ‘trick’. I’d been going to the gym so knew that my muscles were quite strong, the kinesiologist was quite a small guy and honestly, I didn’t think he would be able to pull my arm down without a tough struggle. However, waving in the right place, he was indeed able to bring my arm down rather easily.. I resisted very hard and it did feel that my arm was being pulled out of it’s socket but he wasn’t exerting much effort at all. This really blew my mind, I have no idea what was happening.. perhaps the kinesiologist just looked a lot stronger than he actually was.

There was a moment when he popped outside and I asked Jigme to pull my arm down.. I wanted to see in normal circumstances how easy or difficult this is in reality. We tested and yes, I do have strong arm strength usually as Jigme was unable to pull my arm down with significant force. Hmm… most baffling!

What he kinesiologist was also to do was to identify that I had a bad neck and lower back through just waving around the body parts…  I had no idea how he was doing this as I have been complaining about my sore neck for a few months and also my lower back has been giving me problems for a while. He also said that my body had been affected by radiation from my phone which was making things worse.

To cut a long story short, this really opened my mind. I’m still a bit skeptical and have been wondering if there was any trickery involved in the room but I can’t deny that the results, what he told me and what I experienced defied my original beliefs of this method. If you’re a skeptic like me, I really do recommend experiencing this for yourself!

Now I need to see if I can find someone who can prove an existence of a ghostly spirit!!

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