itvadvert 002

Our Hallway in the new ITV Player for Android advert

By admin, September 15, 2013

A few weeks ago, we had the TV crews turn up and film our hallway for the new ITV Android app.

Today, we finally saw the final product.. our hallway is featured in the opening shot only for a few seconds but the whole process took hours and had a whole team on it!

They had a van turn up with all the furniture in the hallway (none of it you see in the video is ours), then lighting crew, actors, support teams etc etc.

Here are some pictures we took when they were setting up!

You can see the actors on the left who walk past in the advert in the first picture.

itvadvert 001


This second picture is my favourite one when Metok pops her head out of the front door!


itvadvert 002


Picture 3 we took out of the balcony.. the lamp was so hot and bright!






itvadvert 003


And finally, here’s the released video!


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